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The first and the largest international wine exhibition in the Baltic States "Vyno dienos" started in the spring of 2005 as the initiative of Arūnas and Rasa Starkai, the founders of "Vyno klubas" and Sommelier school of Lithuania.

The mission of this exhibition is to unite the community of wine lovers, professionals and producers, together - to develop wine culture in Lithuania.

"Last year we searched for our wine, last year we discussed it, this year we invite wine enthusiasts and professionals to get to know whats in their glass more deeply", - announce the organizers of the exhibition. 

Every year at the exhibition:

  • Over 6,000 visitors, one-third of whom are wine professionals;

  • More than 200 participants: a group of foreign beverage producers, Lithuanian wine and spirits producers, small breweries, wine distributors and experts from Lithuania and Europe, suppliers of gourmet products, organizers of wine tours and wine lectures, sommeliers;

  • Extensive educational program for amateurs and professionals;

  • Professional tasting glass;

  • An informal space to communicate with foreign winemakers and Lithuanian professionals.

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